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Focus on Mathematics

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Focus on Mathematics - Using CPS, ExamView, and Mathcasts

     OverviewScreencasts showing how to use ExamView assessments with CPS.  (40+ minutes) 
  1. The ExamView Test Generator (part of the ExamView Assessment Suite) is a foundational tool for math educators for creating assessments for delivery on paper, with clickers, online, etc. 


    Experience this set of TechSmith Camtasia screencasts (page on math247 wiki) to understand the power of ExamView by seeing 5 ways to use a single dynamic ExamView math question. 


    The ExamView Test Manager (part of the ExamView Assessment Suite) enables teachers to collect test information using paper tests, scanned tests, CPS clickers, or online testing.  With its ability to aggregate, display, and export test data longitudinally with standards information it is an extremely powerful tool for diagnosing and treating areas of weakness in mathematics.


    Experience this set of screencasts to watch how the Test Manager can do this by watching test performance data from a small set of "students" get followed and displayed in reports over a period of time.  (Coming soon)


  2. The math portion of the Examview Learning Series consists of 4,000+ questions that are currently aligned to 11 states' standards.  These questions are almost all dynamic questions with feedback and have keywords and other useful information associated with them.  These questions can be used with CPS, for paper or online tests, and/or as the basis of mathcasts (math movies).is a set clickers enable teachers to engage all students with ExamView math questions (multiple choice, numeric response, true/false). 


  3. After you create an assessment using ExamView using standards-aligned questions from the Learning Series or questions from your textbook you can use many of them with CPS clickers.  Question types deliverable with CPS clickers include multiple choice, true/false, yes/no and numeric response (for those with RF clickers). 

    Experience this set of screencasts to watch dynamic Examview questions from the Learning Series get delivered in several teaching modes using CPS.  (Coming soon - Request to speed creation)


  4. Experience mathcasts & online tests with feedback based on WASL (Washington State standards test) items which were converted to ExamView.  These are delivered online using ExamView Test Hosting and recorded & produced using Camtasia Studio, a graphics tablet, and SMART Notebook software and distributed using TechSmith Screencast.com.  More information about creating & sharing mathcasts is here.


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