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 CPS (Classroom Performance System ) - EV (EvamView) - LS (Learning Series) Demo



  1. What is ExamView?

  2. What is the ExamView Learning Series?

  3. Tables showing what's in the ExamView Learning Series for math for grades 3-10.


Screencasts (Video demos) 

  1. Creating a custom test using ExamView and the ExamView Learning Series (7th grade math assessment).

  2. Delivering the assessment above using CPS clickers.

  3. Creating and delivering a 4th grade benchmark math assessment using ExamView, the EV LS, and a LAN using the EV Test Player.

  4. The Many uses of a Dynamic ExamView Question.


Screencast - ExamView - ExamView Learning Series - CPS - netTrekker

       Direct link to this screencast (with a link to download it): http://www.screencast.com/t/E02cRy9L  (100 MB .swf playable with Swiff Player)




  1. What's in the Washington State GLE-aligned Learning Series for mathematics (Excel workbook).

  2. Sample Examview Test Manager reports (original test + reports in pdf format).

      Zip file with all 7 reports

      1. Smith - 1.Smith_ExamView_3rd_WASL_Math_Practice_1_Smith(A).pdf

      2. Smith - 2.Smith_ExamView_Test_Summary.pdf

      3. Smith - 3.Smith_Item_Analysis_Summary_ExamView_Test_Manager.pdf

      4. Smith - 4.Smith_Assignment_Results_ExamView_Test_Manager.pdf

      5. Smith - 5.Smith_Learning_Focus_ExamView_Test_Manager.pdf

      6. Smith - 6.Smith_Item_Remediation_Summary_ExamView_Test_Manager.pdf

      7. Sanchez -  7.Sanchez_ExamView_Test_Manager_Performance_Progress_Chart.pdf


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